• Is Roof Moss removal necessary?


Removing moss from the roof is absolutely necessary The moss acts like a sponge soaking up the mositure in the air and rainwater. When the moss then freezes, it expands on the surface which can then lead to cracking in your roofs pointing, lifting of tiles.


Moss can also eat its way into tiles leading to the surface becoming defaced. If you allow large patches of moss to grow on your roof, these patches hold water against the surface of the roof, which can cause the roofing materials to rot

  • How should you remove moss from a roof?


When removing moss from the roof it is important to use the correct method. We use profiled blades to scrape the surface level of moss away from the roof. The blades are tailored to fit to each specific tile. We do not not use any form of pressure washing to the roof as this can cause extended damage to the roof and is not recommended by UK tile manufacturers.


Once the moss has manually been removed from the roof we then apply a preventive, biodegradable treatment to the roof. To kill remaining spores trapped within the tiles and prevent regrowth. 

  • What chemicals are used to clean roofs?​


We use a biodegradable chemical solution composed of benzalkonium chloride. This solution will not cause any damage to any surrounding plant life in the event of any run off into the soil. 


Initial results from the chemical treatment will be visible within 2-3 days and will provide up to 18 months continuing protection. 


We do require at least 48 hours of dry weather to apply the treatment. If weather conditions are not favourable at the time we will rescheduled the spray element of your roof moss removal to a time when there is better weather conditions. 


  • Does removing moss damage roof?​

Providing the correct method of removal is used there is no reason for any damage to occur. Other methods of removal including power washing or scraping with non profiled blades can cause damage to the tiles. 


  • Will the be a requirement for scaffolding?

We do not use scaffolding. Moss is removed telescopically from the safety of a secured ladder which also reduces unnecessary foot traffic on the roof.

  • How much does it cost to have roof moss cleared?

Prices vary depending on size, complexity and level of moss coverage but are prices range from as little as £450.00.