The Importance of Maintaining your gutters 

As we all know, our gutters are something that we take totally for granted until something goes wrong. When gutters aren’t cleaned or treated, over time they often become clogged and blocked with leaves, moss and other natural or artificial debris which can result in rainwater overflowing and collecting which inevitably leads to damage to your building, such as cracks in the foundations or wood rot if left unaddressed. Luckily we’re here to help before the problem gets to this stage!

Existing customers who have had any gutter service with us before save 20% on current rates.

Locations - We have services that cover anywhere in the South West


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We use SkyVac commercial gutter vacuums for the best clean


Bronze Package

From £60.00

Gutter Vacuum of the insides of the guttering only 

Terraced House


Semi Detached


3 Bed Detached


4 Bed Detached


(For larger properties please contact us )

Rates Shown for the upper gutters only additional gutters charged at £10 each on the day 


Silver Package
From £120.00

Gutter Vacuum & Fascia and Soffit clean with Free pure water window cleaning 

Terraced House


Semi Detached 


3 Bed Detached 


4 Bed Detached


( For larger properties please contact us )

Rates Shown for the upper gutters only additional gutters charged at £15 each on the day 

Why Vacuum?

Using our powerful 1500 watt vacuum South West Property Care offers the most effective gutter cleaning service on the market.

Our 1500 watt vacuum is suitable for suction in wet or dry conditions meaning we can respond to your call at any time and address the root of the blockage there and then. Our machine also has a reach capability of up to 60ft meaning we can offer our service to buildings and tenements up to 4-5 stories in height.

We also carry large extension ladders to enable manual clearance of the most stubborn of blockages.


Do you check the downpipes? 

"We carry large extension ladders and additional tools to enable us to clear downpipes if needed"

My Gutters are very neglected I don't think you will be able to vacuum them

"the gutter vacuum is very strong and can clear much more than people expect, however if need be we can also manually clear gutters where there is severe growth, we charge a small fee of £25 if this is the case due to the added risk and time this takes"

What areas do you cover? 

" we cover anywhere in the South West of England however some services such as our gold packages are currently limited to the North Dorset area.

How does the Gold service work?

" The gold service is an all in one annual rate covering your gutter cleaning and window cleaning requirements for 12 months without the hassle of monthly invoicing, we also offer large discounts on our annual packages.

I have a conservatory will the gutters be included?

"We charge a flat rate of £15.00 to clear the conservatory gutter"

Can you clean Skylights?

"Yes we can clean skylights on 2nd story buildings and potentially higher but its best to call us to check if your property is higher than an average house"

How high can you vacuum?

" we can vacuum to around 4-5 floors but please contact us if your building is above 3 floors in height"

Can you wash Solar Panels?

"In most cases yes but we will need to check your specific building"

How do I pay?

"You can pay online at the time of booking or you can pay in person on the day, we accept all major cards, if work is to be completed when you are not at home then pre payment is required"


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