Roof Moss Removal

Apart from being very unsightly, moss on roofs also affects the drainage of rainwater away from the roof. Moss can impede the flow of water on route to the gutter, and also fall into guttering systems, inhibiting the flow of water away from the property. Water will always find its way past an obstacle invariably causing the gutters to overflow, and can in turn cause very expensive damp repairs on homes.

In addition to this the moss can over time damage the tiles themselves causing them to become  less water resistant and in cold conditions the build up of moss of the roof can lead to cracked and damaged tiles potentially exposing the roof structure and opening up to the risk of rot 

We use specialist tools purpose built for the removal of the moss and take care of the disposal of waste, Best of all we also give a free gutter vacuum with any roof clearance to make sure we leave your home looking its best post clean 


Whats Included

 Manual Removal of Moss from the roof 

After clearance of all guttering 

Removal and disposal of the moss

                       Optional Extras 


  • Roof Spray- We can apply a bio degradable treatment to the roof to kill off remaining moss spores hidden in the tiles and prevent regrowth. 

  • Copper Strips- We can apply copper stripping to the roof line in order to protect your property against future growth  

( Please note while every effort is made to minimise mess inevitably given the nature of the removal of moss some debris is likely to remain, this will degrade naturally over time, some moss types will required chemical treatment prior to be able to be removed. 25% of the total booking value will be charged at the time of booking.

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