Terms and Conditions of service 

General Gutter cleaning 

Gutters must be structurally secure and fit for gutter vacuuming it is the customers responsibility to ensure that all guttering is securely fitted and we will accept no responsibility for any damages as a result of improperly installed on maintained guttering.

Please note we are a property maintenance company and provide services for average maintained properties. We do carry ladders and will use them to clear blocked down pipes when needed, however if your gutters are severely neglected and require to be manually cleaned in their entirety we reserve the right to add and additional charge of £25 per gutter. if you feel that your gutters will need manual extraction it is advisable to contact us to discuss this further.


payment is on job completion we accept faster payments, cash or credit or debit card.

Advance Payment 

Alternatively if you have opted to pay in advance as you will not be present on completion you will receive an invoice from us to enable secure payment online, or our bank details to enable a transfer if preferred. 

Commercial Payment 

Commercial customers will be invoiced on completion of the job (14 day due date applies.)

You will receive a full receipt upon payment to your email.

Pay Monthly Windows 

If you are a new monthly windows customer the first months payment must be made at the time of the first clean and the scheduled appointment is for the date of the first clean only. Following the first clean you will be placed into the schedule for your area.

Subsequent cleans will be completed on an estimated 4 weekly basis with no requirement for you to be at the property and you will be invoiced to your email if you are not home.

Gold Service ,Yearly Windows and 6 Month plans  

If you are a new gold service yearly windows or 6 month plan customer  your windows will be cleaned on an estimated 4 weekly basis with no further payments required until the end of your package. 

Please note that on some occasions due to the use of pole equipment it may not be suitable weather conditions ( lightning and excessive wind,rain or severe frost/ice ) to complete your clean. If this is the case we will contact you and reschedule your appointment. 

Window cleaning can also be impacted in times of excessive heat which may result in delays.

In the event of rescheduling due to adverse weather conditions this may mean that your next appointment will be sooner than 4 weeks due to the need to maintain the monthly cleaning schedule. 

In the unlikely event of persistent severe weather that lasts a number of days of the month we may need to cancel a clean and continue the following month, in this case we will roll over the month and extend the end date of your contract.

You have the right to cancel your package within the 14 day cooling off period, packages cancelled during this time will be refunded in full minus a charge of 1 month of window cleaning charged at the monthly rate

if cancelled before your first clean then no deductions will be made.

If you are a yearly windows or gold service customer and wish to end your contact before the 12 months has expired, we will be under no obligation to provide a refund. We will however consider refund requests on a case by case basis, WE CANNOT give refunds on the basis of rescheduled cleans due to weather conditions.


In the event that a claim for a refund is accepted you will be deducted the number of months cleaning you have received at the point of refund at the standard monthly window cleaning rate to maintain a fair service for our yearly and monthly windows customers.

Refunds are processed and issued up to 30 days from acceptance.


If you are a monthly windows customer you permit the use of ladders to gain access to locked rear gardens for the purpose of cleaning the windows, if you would prefer that we do not access the property this way please let us know.

Clear Gutter Guarantee 

The 3 month guarantee can be used any time from the date of the first clean in the event of a new blockage to the guttering, this does not cover physical damage of the guttering. we will come out to clear the blockage within 14 days from notification to us. Only one claim can be made within the 3 month period.

Price Match


( In order to price match any other provider we will need written proof of the quotation and the work must be like for like )